Kata are formal patterns of movement that embody and preserve the techniques, footwork and strategies of Kempo. The Kaido Miwa Ryu style of Kempo is particularly noted for its extensive and difficult kata, a few of which are more than 200 movements in length. The following are the names of some of the Kata, together with rough translations of their meanings in English:

Basic Kata

  • Ayumite-no-Kata - Kata of Stepping Techniques
  • Hikiko - Hidden Demon’s War Cry
  • Zenan - Complete Repose
  • Kirin - the name of a mythical animal

Advanced Kata

  • Heifu - Gentle Wind
  • Kobana - Little Flower
  • Atsusoku-no-Kata - Kata of Sealing the Breath
  • Hatsuhana - The First Flowers of Spring
  • Shichifukujin - Seven Gods of Luck
  • Taigen - Great Origin

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